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Employee Communications

Communication of employee benefits and wellbeing is tough. We make the job easy to get the message over in a fun, interesting and engaging way. Choose from wellbeing days at your office, on-line communications and the best range of posters, leaflets and ideas on the web.

Employee Assistance Programme Promotion

We offer you easy ways to promote your employee assistance programme and get best value from it. Don't move to get better value - keep your EAP where it is and revive it with proven methods and new and stimulating options to increase usage and get the value out of the EAP services.

Our EAP promotion is:

  • Successful
  • Engaging
  • Cost effective

All material can be personalised for your EAP with your phone number and details.

Why promote with us?

Employee Assistance Programme suppliers have a vested interest to keep your usage low. Use our proven communiction services and promotions to see the usage fly!

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